Monday, October 12, 2009

It happened.... It really happened???

Say it isn't so?

Tell me I'm dreaming?

How can this be?

I saw my first Christmas commercial of the season? I was in such a state of shock, I don't even remember what was being advertised, but it was there, in big red and white - a cartoon Santa - as big as day! It took me a few seconds to even register what I was seeing ---

How is this possible?

I'm not ready for Christmas!

I'm not ready to think about the ugly greediness of the 'gift giving' season!!


**NEXT - without any notice at all, Brit asks me when are we putting up the TREE?

Are you serious? THE TREE??? It's barely OCTOBER!!! I've still got to get through the whole shopping for a Halloween Costume ordeal and the greedy little candy monsters that will plague my front porch and mess up my cute little pumpkin displays!


I'm not listening.... I'm not listening.... I'm not listening....

You can't make me, You can't make me!
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