Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've crossed over

To the other side of the technological world!

{You were really expecting me to tell you I had changed political views, religious beliefs, or gone to Dr. Pepper instead of Coca Cola? Weren't you??? }

In January my AT&T cell phone was up for renewal - which is amazing that I was actually able to take advantage of my OWN upgrade option because usually someone that shares my DNA, has already used my upgrade options and I get left using the oldest phone in the bunch. Now this kinda makes me irritated since I pay the darn bill.... but anyway, back to my new phone story.

I decided that I wanted to be hip - in style - and look like a cool mom. So I bit the bullet and upgraded to the new handy dandy IPhone.
I just gotta say - this phone is totally cool!!! There was definitely a learning curve for me and it did take a couple of weeks for me to figure out how to use the touch screen key pad without my fat fingers getting in the way, but once I got over the hump - I've been texting and surfing with the best of them.

I have loaded all sorts of Apps to make my life easier. Well, okay I don't know if it really makes my life easier, but it does make me feel a little spoiled. I almost feel 'cool' and like a hip mom? Almost???

The really sobering part is that while I was struggling through the 2 week learning curve, my 8 yr old brat, picked up my phone and went to town downloading game Apps, texting, taking pictures.... you name it - she was way ahead of me? What the Heck??? How did she know how to work my phone BEFORE I DID????

Are the kids of the younger generation born with some innate sense of how to use the IPhone?? Did Apple Computer put something in the water??? I was struggling with how to even make a call on the silly thing and she's over there playing some silly helicopter game??? UGH???

Last night, I mentioned to Briley that I had seen Brittany playing a game on her phone and thought we could download it on my phone for her to play. Of course I couldn't remember the name of it, but I described it to her as some sort of fish game where you can build your own aquarium. This is no exaggeration, within 30 seconds Briley had already gone on to the App Store and 'searched' for the game and was about to download it. I sure was glad it was FREE!! LOL

In the amount of time it took me to use the ATM machine and get cash - Briley had already started playing the game and had figured out how to buy fish and clean the tank and do whatever else it takes to earn points/money! Now seriously- this was within a time span of about 3 minutes!!! Unbelievable!!!!

For the next hour, Briley and Brittany were both playing their fish tank game on the IPhones and comparing notes on which fish to buy and how to build more aquariums.

I'm still struggling with fat fingers on a touch screen key pad and trying NOT to call someone back accidentally, after I 'end the call'.... UGH!!! Technology!!! Ain't it great?
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