Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can you believe I finally finished a project?

It's a miracle! 

Earlier this summer, I decided I wanted a bright and cheerful quilted table topper for my kitchen table.  I spent a few hours ooohing and awwing over some that I found on Etsy and decided that I could probably make one for myself? 

DUH? I do have a sewing machine and I have drawers full of fabric?  I should probably make use of what I already have and is already paid for.  (What an original idea?)

So I set about to make my own quilted table topper...basically I had no pattern in mind or any sort of organized idea.  I discovered that I already had a 4" square pattern template and I had some fat quarters that I thought would work out to be cheerful and bright for the summer. There was my idea - 4 inch squares cut out of fat quarters and trimmed in RED!

I don't know why I bother worrying that the fabric matches or not - it's not as if anyone in my house has a clue that the thing is even on the table?  I'm sure I could ask any one of them and NO ONE would be able to tell me what colors were in the topper, much less if they matched or had a theme?  

(Please forgive the blurriness... took the picture on my phone)
Oh well... I made it anyway and I actually finished in the same season I started it!  Nothing short of a miracle!

Next up is a table runner than I am working on for fall.  Any bets on whether or not it's finished by Valentine's Day?
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