Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's the little things in life....

Right?   Isn't that what everyone says will make you happy?  The little things?????

Well.... keep that thought in your mind when I show you a couple of little things that make me happy!

Who wouldn't be happy with Vintage Red Pyrex Bowls!  LOVE THEM!! 

Not only is RED my most favorite happy color, but I'm a bit of a Vintage Pyrex snob!   It's a little secret that I like to keep under my kitchen cabinet, but I'm afraid my hoarding is about to overflow...and soon the people that load and unload my dishwasher are going to figure out my little problem! 

When I stumbled upon these two lovelies on Etsy, I simply had to make them mine.  How could I pass them up? They were only $10!! Uh Hello.... if that doesn't scream "AMY, you must buy us", then I I don't know what does. 

I should have these in my hoarding hands in just a few days!  CAN'T WAIT!!!

One of these days when I don't have so many witnesses to see me pull all of my vintage Pyrex goodies out of my kitchen cabinets, I will take pictures and show you my treasures!  But until then... it will be our little secret. Okay? Shhhhhhh......
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