Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have such good intentions...

Really!  I do!! 

I have all of these great pictures on my camera from Bailey showing her heifer at the State Fair to carving pumpkins in our kitchen.  Now where do you think that camera is?   NOT WITH ME!  It's hanging on the linen closet door handle!  UGH!  Good intentions, I tell ya' ... I really do have them!

Honestly, I can't be blamed for my forgetfulness - I've been feeling puny the past few days and I've been awakened in the middle of the night from all sorts of noises.  I've discussed this issue with you before -the stuff that goes on in my house after I go to sleep - well I just can't be held accountable for it!  If you're new to my blog, you can check out the after hours activities here.

Last night was no different than any others unless you consider the awakening I received at 3:00AM when Brit announced to me that she heard a MOUSE in her closet! UGH... Seriously!!! It's 3:00 AM - live and let live.   So instead of jumping out of bed and rushing to her closet to capture the intrusive creature, I suggested she close the closet doors and sleep on the couch - sorry, but at that time of night I really don't care if the boogy man is moving around in your closet.   

My rational thinking mind knows that it's Fall, the temps are getting cooler and the creatures are all looking for a place to snuggle down for the winter.  I also have to remind myself that we live in the country - on a hill - in what was once a cow pasture.  We are still surrounded by live and active cow pastures - mice are gonna happen!

However, my frantic irrational mind is telling me to get home quickly with as many rat traps as I can find and clean out the closet until I find that nasty little pest! Luckily we've only had ONE enter our sacred people space in the 8 years we've lived here and now there's another unfortunate one!  I guess the old mice didn't spread the word to this young one that DEATH happens in our house!  Usually it's death by a cat, but now it's up to Mama and I won't stop until I find the squeaky little nasty creature! 

I'm also motivated by the fact that Brit will not return to her room again until I bring out a carcass of some creature to prove that it's dead and gone! :)  None of us want her taking over the living room and sleeping on the couch  -
it just wouldn't be a good thing.

Anyway, back to my good intentions...I'll share with you a couple of pictures that I stole from Brit's Facebook page of the pumpkins she and her sweetie carved.

This was a first for both of them, and they used one of those cheap little pumpkin carving sets from the big W store.   I'm really impressed with how easy it turned out to be and that it actually does look like the picture.  So of course you can imagine that now Bailey and Briley want to do one too, I guess I'll be stopping off to buy a couple more pumpkins, but NOT before I take care of the squeaky mouse in the closet! UGH!

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