Monday, October 11, 2010

When Life Was Perfect...

Inside the walls of my favorite doll house...
 Did you have a space in your home that was your escape when you were a kid?  Did you have a favorite toy that took you to a special place in your pretend adventures?  

As I sit at my desk each day questioning my sanity and wondering how in the world I got tricked into being stuck behind a desk every day, and working at the same boring job... I think back to a time when all was right with the world and I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up!  Silly? 
Well of course it's silly; I was FIVE years old! :)

For me, my own personal space and place in the world when all was perfect was the time I spent playing in my bedroom with my very own 1970 Fisher Price Little People Doll House.   I had the Blue 2-story ski-chalet "A" Frame style house with an orange base model.
((I absolutely loved this doll house and it had better still be in the attic or I know a particular husband that's gonna have to do some fast talking! LOL))

From what I can remember, it seems like I must have spent hours playing with this toy and wishing I could be little and play in the house with the 'little people'. 

I knew every inch of this Ski-Chalet and could tell you every single picture drawn on the walls or rugs painted on the floors.  Life was supposed to be just like it was in the doll house, perfect.  Nice and neat, cozy and clean; or so I thought?

Most days I wish I could go back to that innocent age of 5 when all was right in my world and all I had to worry about was when it was dinner time and I would have to clean up my doll house toys.

Of all of the toys I had as a child, this is by far the one that stands out among them all and obviously still has a special place in my memories.  All three of my girls had their own Fisher Price Doll Houses, but sadly I don't think they had quite the same connection to theirs that I had to mine.

What was/is your favorite childhood toy/memory?

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