Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let the fun begin...

It's finally Fall, so for our family that means cows, softball, pigs, and whatever else we can squeeze into our busy life!

This week 'we' are heading to the State Fair of Texas for Bailey to show her heifer.
All of the preparations are in place, the heifer has been washed, blown dry, brushed, fluffed, and probably folded too?

 Seems to me that standing behind a cow holding it's tail and brushing might be considered brave or STUPID?

Bailey is the only one of my daughters that seems to be made to do this 'cow business'. She is not afraid to get dirty or stepped on.  She's not afraid to crawl into a pig pen and do whatever it takes to make these animals ready for the show. 
She has gained so much self confidence in the past couple of years since working with these creatures - it's a great feeling for this Mom to see her walk out into the show ring strutting her Cow's stuff! :)  I am amazed at how much she has learned in such a short time, but then again she is truly interested in working with these animals and the fact that she is actually learning something hasn't really sunk into her head.. ya' know?  She just considers it "having a good time"!  HA HA HA.... who am I to tell her differently?

Now that the heifer is almost ready for the show, I have to get Bailey ready!  She has to have new jeans and a new "show shirt" to wear, and let's not forget that every fashionable cowgirl must have new bling-bling chunky jewelry to wear that will match the cow's halter?  DUH?? How can you possibly show a heifer without the appropriate accessories. 
The chaos continues....
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