Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quirky Behavior or Obesessive Compulsive Disorder?

As most of you know - I'm quirky, to say the least. It's the little things that drive me over the edge most days! Maybe I'm just 'high strung', as my grandmother says... who knows? My dad was OCD and usually did a pretty good job of hiding it, but those that live with him knew his time bombs, so to speak! LOL Let me interject this, my grandmother quit ironing for my dad when he was about 16 years old...she actually threw the iron at him!! LOL But I totally feel his pain! No one irons the way I want it done.

Anyway on to my issue/drama today - I know you check back on my blog everyday just to see what drama is unfolding in our crazy house! LOL Well, here's the latest ....According to my family I'm NOT quirky - I'm far from it - I'm OCD!!! Okay - maybe I am, but really is it too much to ask that the dishwasher get loaded in a certain manner - such as plates on a particular side, glasses in a row, and bowls in in the top shelf? I mean really now - the dishes don't get cleaned as well if they are just thrown in there like a mini explosion! UGH!!! Yes, this drives me nuts!!!! I have done my fair share of door slamming and fuming over the lack of order in loading a dishwasher? OCD? or Quirky?

Next up is the simple fact that I want the clothes folded in a certain fashion. It's not hard to do a three fold towel (or military 'e' fold)... It's not difficult to fold dish towels so that they lay well in the drawer. Which by the way, I like my dish towel drawer to be in an orderly fashion....dish cloths on one side in small neat stacks and dish towel on the opposite side in neat little stacks. HOW HARD IS THAT????

Okay moving on.... Why would they put doors on a pantry if they didn't want you to use them... UH HELLO - why can't anyone close the pantry doors!!! Absolutely makes me nuttier than I am - close the dang doors!!! I'm sure you can already imagine that my pantry is also in a nice and neat orderly fashion... yes, yes, I have all of the cans facing forward, stacked neatly ~ I use clear plastic boxes to store snacks (of the same kind) and clear plastic containers for noodles, dry beans, flour, sugar, and just about anything else that needs to be sealed up. I like these containers to stack neatly as well.... hmmm? Maybe I am a little OCD??? Just a little? I do have a bit of a stress when I go to the pantry to retrieve saran wrap and the wax paper is sitting on top of the foil and the plastic wrap, which is NOT the order I prefer.... so maybe not so quirky?

Another little ditty is the simple fact that I must have my bed made up - each and every day! Also, I have a particular order that I want my throw pillows in.... it's not rocket science, but I like it the way I like it. Now really - don't you feel the same way? Oh and I have the same issue with throw pillows on the couch - uh - they go a certain way! It's that simple!!! LOL

Basically, most items in my household have a particular place and I like them put there. I want the vacuum cleaner facing the same way (my way) and I want the various nick-knacks all in the same spots I put them. Okay... Okay... I just consider this QUIRKY!!! My family.... well.. not so much! They think I'm crazy, but are happy to just have me committed for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

And quite honestly, the list of my issues could go on for days!!! Let's don't even get started on my morning shower and dressing routine - it really makes me look like a lunatic!! LOL

So what about you - Quirky? or OCD?
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